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DEPLOY Subsea specialises in maintenance of all types of assets exposed to the marine environment. As a leading contractor to Transfield Services and the WA Department of Transport, Deploy Subsea carries out scheduled maintenance of maritime assets from Wyndham in the North to Esperance in the South of the state. Deploy works closely with Transfield Services to provide the Client with the best possible maintenance solution for its' assets. This includes advanced timber pile inspection, installation of sacrificial anodes and DENSO protective pile wrapping materials. We work together to plan our maintenance schedules in order to ensure the best personnel, plant, equipment and vessels are available at the right time without disrupting stakeholders and the public. We work with our Clients through the asset management and life cycle assessment phase and then our suppliers to see what the best and most up to date solution is suitable for each project.

Our Maintenance services include;

  • DENSO Seashield installation
  • AMAC sacrificial anode installation
  • SOMAY Hycote 151 Underwater painting
  • GR Blast High Pressure water jetting for cleaning and removal of marine growth and rust
  • Steel, Timber and Concrete pile maintenance
  • Tightening of fixings of slipways and boat ramps
  • Securing navigational aid fixings
  • Ship maintenance
  • Our key personnel are qualified Boilermakers, ASME IX 6G Coded Welders and AWS D 3.6M: 2010 Coded Underwater Welders.