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Subsea Inspection and NDT plays a crucial role in ensuring cost-effective operations, safety, and reliability, which are important factors for maritime facilities, shipping, marine construction, and oil and gas industries.
Deploy Subsea uses a range of non-invasive technologies and techniques to determine the integrity of a material, component or structure.
The single most important factor in NDT is personnel qualification and skill, as NDT techniques rely heavily on skill and knowledge for the correct assessment and interpretation of test results.
DEPLOY Subsea provides the following Subsea Inspection and NDT services;
  • General Visual Inspection and Close Visual Inspection with hat mounted video
  • UWILD (Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry-Docking) including A Scan and UT for shipping
  • ROV Inspection
  • ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurement) - ACFM is used for detecting and sizing surface breaking flaws both in and out of the water. It has an advantage over some other techniques in that the structure requires minimal cleaning and it can be applied over paint and other coatings up to several millimetres thick.
  • UTT (Ultrasonic Thickness Testing) is useful for detecting surface and sub surface flaws in welds, tubular piles, sheet pile walls, bracing, joints, shafts, pressure vessels, and structural components.
  • ECI (Eddy Current Inspection) particularly applicable for metals, alloys and electro conductors. ECI is useful for detecting surface and subsurface flaws on tubing, non-metal coatings and components.
  • MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) - MPI is useful for detecting surface and subsurface flaws of welds in ferromagnetic materials.
  • PEER System Inspection - Ultrasonic NDT timber pile resonator. 100% Non-Destructive ultrasonic system which exceeds Level III inspection requirements and accuracy. Meets Level I production rates with Level III results. Gives accurate data for cost effective maintenance planning and calculation of structural load capacities. Click here to view the video.

Inspection Certifications
  • Lloyd's Register/CSWIP ACFM Level 2
  • ABS Shiiping
  • PCN Ultrasonic Testing Level 2
  • Eddy Current Inspection Level 2
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection Level 2
  • CSWIP 3.1 Visual Welding Inspection, CP Measurement, Digital Thickness Measurement.
  • CSWIP 3.2U Advanced underwater NDT techniques; magnetic particle inspection; weld toe grinding
  • CSWIP 3.4U Inspection Control: Advanced NDT techniques; recording and processing data; computer data based reporting systems; interpretation and recording methods; quality assurance; intervention techniques; inspection, planning and briefing.
  • Certified PEER System Inspection for timber pile inspection