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The PEER System, or Piezoelectrical Engineered Resonator, is a Diver operated ultrasonic testing instrument used to evaluate internal damage in timber piles. The self-contained unit is controlled by the diving inspector by passing over the surface of the pile, from seabed to just below the waterline. A series of light emitting diodes alert the inspector to suspect areas where a more detailed examination can then be made using the digital readout.


  • 100% Non-Destructive Ultrasonic System.
  • Exceeds Level III Inspection Requirements and Accuracy.
  • Meets Level I Production Rates with Level III Results.
  • Provides Accurate Data for Cost Effective Maintenance Planning 
and Calculation of Structural Load Capacities.


  • Test Timber Piles without the Added Cost of Cleaning.

  • Scan through PVC, HDPE or Rubber Pile Jackets.

  • Evaluate Hard and Soft Woods.
  • High Intensity Display for Use in Poor Visibility Conditions.


  • Consistent and Reliable Inspection Results.
  • Certified PEER System Inspectors can Determine, within ± 10%, 
the Actual Percentage Cross-Section Remaining in a Timber Pile.
  • Exceeds U.S. Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory’s Accuracy. 
Requirements for Timber Piles (NCEL Technical Note N-1703).