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What is ACFM?

ACFM® or Alternating Current Field Measurement, is an electromagnetic inspection technique that introduces an alternating current into the surface of the component to detect surface-breaking cracks. The presence of a crack disturbs the electromagnetic field and the return signal is instantaneously converted by advanced mathematical techniques, so that the operator is alerted to the presence of a defect. Immediate defect sizing and recording is a major benefit compared to alternative NDT methods

Results from independent testing shows that ACFM® matches the performance of MPI for inspecting underwater structural welds, but the level of missed and spurious signals is significantly lower when using ACFM® compared to MPI and conventional Eddy current testing

Inspection time duration includes cleaning, the inspection process and follow-up investigation of indications. By using ACFM® technology, with its reduced cleaning requirements and fewer incidences of false calls, inspections will take significantly less time, thereby saving customers money executing the works.